From a dark ancient dominion the black knights of Hell have arrived.
The evil hordes marching over the earth, breaking the silence in the darkest night.
The portal to infinity has been open, ready to bring the exterminators of life.
Cursed souls of the ancient kings ready to release war upon mankind.

They’ve come to claim,
Their rightful throne.
Armageddon is here,
The final Reign.

The serpent kings
Of ancient aeons,
They’ll raise their flags,
The eternal Reign.
Almighty heralds
Of the coming race.

Barbaric hordes of splendorous gleam, with their fiery eyes and flaming swords.
The messengers ov the New Age Ov Darkness are aiming to bring their revenge.
Thunderous army of Armageddon is here, invoking the coming of a new race.
The Golden Walls of Heaven are now fallen, tremble before their presence.

Pagan Kings
Of forgotten aeons.
With flaming skulls,
Devouring flesh.

Enslaving souls,
Apocalypse they’ll bring.
The carnage’s here,
Their command is clear:

Trample the fallen!

Let the bloodbath begin.