The New Age Of Darkness

Band :
Title : The New Age Of Darkness
Release Date : 2006-05-01
Label :
Format : CD

Released May 1, 2006

Published by Bernardo Garcia & Ricardo Gonzalez
Recorded at AUDIOFACTORY, Bogotá, Colombia. 2.005 – 2.006.
Engineering by Jorge Arciniegas.
Mixed by David Cely & Bernardo García.
Produced by Bernardo García.
Mastered in AUDIOFACTORY by David Cely.

Line Up

Bernardo García: Guitarrs.
Ricardo González: Bass & backing vocals.
Alejandro Rojas: Drums.
Sergio Ramos: Vocals.

Lyrics & Audio:

Blood for the Beast
Till Victory
The Awakening (Of the darkest gods)
The Avenger
Born of Pain
Cold Embrace of Darkness
Golden Path To Misery
Glorious Carnage
Life Denied

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