With an iron fist
through a trial by fire
the avenger will
cleanse the land
Ancient gods of warfare stand
prepared to unleash their armies
as we walk through
the merciless path of eternal glory

Now this dying earth will be our battlefield
cleaning this world of all the scum

his eyes staring
at the unholy are like
scorching flames
and with the eternal blood thirst
of his gleaming blade
a bloodbath will wash away our sins
for the renewal of this earth

this campaign will take no prisoners
only through blood we’ll wash away our sins

purification of mankind
through a holy carnage
our soil stained with the blood of the unclean
as he walks through the forest of the impaled
knee-deep in the dead bodies
of the fallen warriors

we are the instruments of divine justice
we make the laws of the new order
slicing off the heads of deranged liars
and showing the truth to the ignorant masses

Now that the new order
has been established
we will reign
with an iron fist
now the new age of darkness will begin
as we burn through
the merciless path of eternal glory