Soulburner is really proud to announce the availability in preorder at reduced price of our new album : “The Throne of Armageddon”

Recorded at S.O.S. Studio Bogota. Engineered and Mixed by Carlos Rodriguez at Bogota. Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studios Sweden.
Produced by Soulburner.

For preorders via bandcamp and Itunes, there is an automatic delivery of 2 tracks: “Lord of Emptiness” and “Destroyer of Angels”.

The release date will be 2016/03/15 when all the preorders will receive the full album.

We will be releasing with the album a full set of merch from the band and will be available worldwide via bandcamp initially. We also will let you know for preorder specials on the physical deluxe digipack edition available at specific stores.

We will be announcing live dates in the following weeks.

Thanks in advance to all our fans for your loyalty and support during the years, You fucking rule!!

Please, take your time to listen and enjoy these exclusive preview tracks and thanks again for your support: