Hail The Lord of Emptiness!

Horned Angel of Darkness, spread your fire among the enslaved ones.
Burning spear, to give birth to the Black Eon.
Victorious and proud, through centuries of countless battles.
Blasphemous Master, is time to unleash the war.
Conjuration of Black Fire, hear the Darkness call.
Lords of mighty Chaos,
Rise your reign, The Screaming Glory of Darkness.

Mighty Emperor Rise.
The End is near.

Evil Master spread your wings!

Black Arts and Sexual Rites,
Summons unholy weapons of fire.
Burning majestic lies of a Thorn-Crowned
God of shameless soul.
Ravenous angel,
Come and conquer the world,
Trample the unbearable liars.

Ashes will be you Throne!
Behold your Throne!

Mighty Emperor Rise.
The End is near.

Bright in the dark -Ancient Morning Star-.

Open are the Gates that bring the Armageddon.
I am unleashing Ye ancient Gods of Chaos!
The War-Machine of hell is released,
Great winged Gods of the Abyss.

Mighty Emperor Burn,
Your glory is here.

Oh Morning Star! owner of the possessed hell-black-fire, burn the liars!

Burn them!
Burn’em all!

Behold The Lord of Emptiness.