It all began countless centuries ago
With stones, clubs and spears
The battle for fire and survival
Staining with red the soil that feeds them

Fearlessly marching to the battlefield
To kill for the glory of your empire
Or dying in the sand and the sun
Another show for the masses’ delight

The sweet stench of death the smell of fear
You’re scared to death, ‘cause you know your end is near
Is killing a truly human choice?
Marching off to war until victory!!

Killing in the holy name of your god
Under a false promise of salvation
“He who doesn’t believe in my faith
Is against me – join us or die!!”

Feel the bullet pierce your side as you fall
Fear the reaper, hear the darkness call
Be a good soldier and give us your blood
We always want you, but we want you dead

A rain of napalm will fall over your head
And the unforgivable fire will wash away all your sins
Is marching off a truly human choice?
Run to war until victory!!

It’s you or them
Just a matter of survival
Just obey the orders
Always from above

That’s how it’s always been
That’s life when you’re a soldier
A pawn in this big and endless game