Hideous beast that engorged in the blood of the unholy
In the name of faith and the loathsome gospels
Proclamation of a dead glory through your carnage
Growing like a horrid disease poisoning all our minds

Drunk with the blood of the ones that didn’t succumb
To your loathsome faith in a false promise
A blood-drenched religion is the hideous beast that binds
The minds and souls of for all mankind

So you say that you’re god on earth
But you’re just blind leading the blind
Through the tortuous path of stupidity
To spawn a repulsive horde of blind lambs
Following the lies of the greatest bastard,
Selling your soul to the reign of the scum

Spit at the church
Blood for the beast
Denying the cross
Blood for the beast
Creating the storm
Blood for the beast
Invoking the dark gods (Establish the new order)
Blood for the beast