Started with Soulburner in 2000 with junto a Bernardo García y Ricardo González.

His drummer career started since the 90s, since then, he has kept the metal scene locally and internationally. His trajectory has contributted to big advances in Colombian Metal, participating with bands like Underthreat and Leishmaniasis, wich he is sill member.

His drumming character injects full energy and aggression Long live to metal!.

Born: October 17th, Bogotá, Colombia.
Role: Drums, co-songwriting.

Influences: Pete Sandoval; Nicolas Barker; Gene Hoglan; Jhon Tempesta; Paul Bostaph; Mike Portnoy; Hell Hammer; Aaron spears; Sander Bermudez; Nelson Amarillo.

Main gear: Bateria – Pearl; Parches Aquarian; Platillos Meinl; Pedales Axis; Percussion Sound Module Roland; Baquetas Nova;

Favorite Metal bands: Metallica; Morbid Angel; Carcass; Slayer; Sepultura; Hipocrisy; Dissection; Testament; Inmmortal; Suffocation; Behemoth; Destruction; Sodom; Kreator; Pantera; Dismember among others

Top 5 favorite albums: Soulburner: The Throne of Armegeddon; Under Threath: The Mnifested Void; Leihsmaniasis: Necrocanibalismo; Masacre: Requiem; Neurosis: Verdum