Along with Bernardo García, he’s the only member who has been in the band since the beginning (1997, when the band was known as RITUAL).

He started to play the cello at a very young age, but got hooked with metal since the day he first heard of it. Master of Puppets and And Justice for All, turned him into a metal lover, and since then he made the transition to play the guitar and bass guitar.

Ricardo prefers riffs that seem very natural for the body to follow and generally his contribution in the songwriting comes to put that into the songs, complementing the work already started.

Born: October 18th , Bogotá, Colombia.

Role: Bass Guitar, backing vocals and co-founder of SOULBURNER.

Influences: Jason Newsted, Rex Brown, Dave Ellefson, Jhonny Hedlund, Flea.

Main gear: Jackson, B.C. Rich & Ibanez basses, Dean Markley strings, BBE and Bheringer processors, Ampeg and Trace Elliot amplification.

Favorite Metal bands: Dissection, Dismember, Vader, Unleashed, Destruction, The Haunted, Stuck Mojo.

Top 5 favorite albums: And Justice For All (Metallica), Massive Killing Capacity (Dismember), Thrash Anthems (Destruction), The Storm Of The Light’s Bane (Dissection), Spiritual Black Dimensions (Dimmu Borgir)