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Death’s in the air
Into the abyss I fall
My life is fading away
A survivor of the blast
Visions of hell
The skies are drenched in blood
Victim of war
Corpses lie by my side

Blood on my hands
I can see rivers of flames
Meeting with death
The bloodshed’s now begun
I hate this pain
Tortured until my death
We live to die
Every day and every night

Looking all around
Too weak to take my own life away
I only pray, God
Don’t let me die this way

Hell, storms arrive
War is coming to the land of chaos and death
Rotting corpses are
Decoration of all the world around

Infinite pain
None hears our screams
Into the abyss
Sky stains to red
Reality of death
Makes me think what’s next
The moment is near
I await my death awake

Mentally blind
Soldiers are food for the gun
Marching to die
I wish I’d never been born