Pristine Angel, embrace your chaos.
You are my prey, I’m your predator.
My lust will become your pathway,
Illumination through pain.

The Dark Shadows of Extinction
Will unfold against your kind.
Revealing your weakness,
Let my spear penetrate!

Crawling creature, deplorable fool,
Am I your God, Am I your Devil?
Your existence belongs to me forever,
I‘m your destruction.

I am your fear.
I am your nemesis.
You are filthy shit.
I am your fucking destruction.

The flaming sword of extinction
Will slay your spawn.
Denying your ways
My fire will burn.
Am I your God Am I your Devil?
I am your destruction.
Let my hammer destroy you!

I will always crush you!

The dark fangs of extinction
Will devour your Elysium.
Depicting your weakness,
Let my hammer destroy.

I am your God, I am your Devil,
I‘m your destruction.
You my prey, I’m your predator.
Let my spear taint your soul.

I am sodomizing you!